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Day One


This is an updated re-post from last year. Soon after I started training last year, some family & heallth issues kept me from continuing.  All is good now and I am thrilled to be training alongside 12 fabulous LOLA women for the Nike Marathon in October.

July 8, 2013….Today is Day One of Marathon training. In 15 weeks, I plan to cross the finish line of my fourth marathon. This is not an easy feat for me or anybody that has ever attempted a 26.2 mile race. 26.2 miles is a long ******* way on your feet!  Many people think that because I am a Nutritionist, Run Coach, Fitness trainer and have competed in triathlons, running races and everything else in between for so many years that a “simple little marathon” should be easy for me, right? No way. 20 years ago I transitioned to triathlons because running a marathon was just too hard! I figured if I was going to be out there for 4 hours, I may as well be doing 3 different sports. (“at least I will get to sit down for awhile on the bike portion,” I thought.)

I am human just like you… in a constant state of “juggle” in my attempt to balance family, home, work, life & athletics. I am married with 4 school age kids, own my own business working crazy hours, manage the household along with all of my mom duties and need to find time every day to exercise. I plan my exercise times for the week on Sunday evening and stick to that schedule as best I can. This way, when I have to get up at 5am on a Saturday morning to run before work….I am ready for it. Being a Nutritionist, you may also think I eat “perfectly” all of the time. No way. I do really have a fairly good diet but one of my favorite foods is frosting! I have been known to go out of my way for a nice frosting covered dessert….yum! Honestly, no one eats perfectly all of the time but if you can live by the 80-20 rule ( 80% healthy eating, 20% treats) you are doing okay.

I chose this challenge of the marathon as a gift to myself. A gift, you say? Some think it’s a more like a horrible form of torture. A gift, might be a day at the spa or a much needed vacation. But to me this is like a vacation. While I am training, long runs in the wee hours alone, it becomes an adventurous journey every time I step out that door. Where will it take me, what will I see, how will I feel, people I will meet all become part of this adventure. And for those hours I am out there, it is all about ME and everything else slips away. For you women out there, I know ME time is hard to find. No matter how you get it….make time to find it. It will save your life.

I promise to not bore you for the next 105 days with the details of my training. I really am hoping to inspire you to set a goal for yourself and have your own Day One. Maybe it’s a mile, a 5k, or half marathon…it all begins with a commitment to yourself.  Your Day ONE  will be the beginning of a change. Train along with me. I will support & cheer you on through your own adventure!

Now go find your ME time……and let me know where you found it.


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Car Food

CAR FOOD….Summer means road trips. Half of the fun is packing up the car with all of your favorite “sippies & munchies” and settling in for the long days of driving. For some strange reason, the minute we hit the highway with our windows down and favorite tunes on the radio, our discipline flies right out the window. Now true, we are on vacation and enjoying alittle R & R, but there is a fine line between relaxation & gluttony. It’s as if a magic wand is waved over us and now  the foods we would never think to eat at home in our “regular life” become an all you can eat buffet of chips, candy, Fast food, sodas & cookies. When I was a kid, we packed a very simple lunch of a sandwich, fruit &  homemade cookie and off we went with a thermos full of water. We would stop at rest stops along the way to eat, walk around, use the bathroom and off we went. Somehow since then, it’s become gluttony on the road with giant size coolers of everything processed with stops along the way at fast food joints. All of this and you have not even really begun your vacation yet!

Let’s keep this simple. We all love a great road trip with the family or solo, but packing healthy snacks for the road will keep you feeling good and leave room for indulgences once you get to your destination.

*Eat & workout before you leave. Less temptation to grab a muffin or scone with your “joe” for the road. Leaving for a trip should not be an excuse to not exercise…you ALWAYS have to exercise, no matter what. You will feel so much better and be mentally clear for the road.

*Bring a refillable water bottle. No need for sodas or juices…good plain water to stay hydrated down the road.

*Bring snacks that are accessible, especially if you are going solo. Pack your cooler with your favorite healthy snacks to keep on the seat next to you.

*Plan stops to get out, move & use the bathroom. Don’t be tempted to justify a stop at the next fast food place for lunch.

*Family snacks..let each member of the family pick their favorite healthy snack to share on the trip.

*Snack ideas: air-popped popcorn ( goodbye bottomless bag of chips), mixed berries, string cheese, cherry tomatoes, edamame, homemade trail mix (be careful here, the calories add up quickly), sliced turkey roll ups with hummus, sliced fresh veggies, homemade oatmeal cookies, mini-bagels with peanut butter & banana, apples and squeeze yogurt(easy to eat, no spoon required).

*Enjoy your vacation destination. Arrive feeling good, take a walk, enjoy some great food & drinks with friends and family.

Happy Fourth of July!


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Going Solo

Last week I watched as my friend, Paul Lundgren, attempted to solo swim across the Sea of Cortez. For those of you that are geographically-challenged as I was, the Sea of Cortez lies between Baja California and Mexico. Paul’s plan was to swim the 78 miles from Baja ending up in Mexico. The Sea of Cortez is known for it’s beauty and average temps. It is also an underwater paradise for jellyfish, sharks, squid & whales. Along with ever changing currents & conditions, this sea has not been successfully crossed by the swimmers that have tried before him. Paul’s journey was cut off by his crew after 24 hours & 30 miles of solo ocean swimming due to strong winds, jellyfish, cold & challenging currents. Paul is a hero for taking this on and has experienced things most of us can never imagine.  Thank you Paul for the adventure!

” This is not a solo swim,” was something Paul said in referring to the support of his crew, family, friends and the 92K followers to his site.  Even though Paul was in the sea “solo” …he was not alone. This made me think, is anything we do ever really solo? Especially in regards to health and activity, we are not alone. You may go for a run, swim, bike ride or hit the gym by your self but wherever we go, there is a group supporting us, cheering us on or being inspired by what we do. We are never really solo. We are not meant to be alone. The community and camaraderie of the fitness world is what motivates us to get out there and challenge ourselves everyday. These challenges make us stronger and widen our circle of friends and supporters. Every time I hit the trails, I can think of at least one person that has been a part of my journey as an athlete and that has given me inspiration over the years. Alone on the trail, yes…but solo, no. To my community,  circle of friends and all of you… I say thank you.

Next time you are lacking motivation or inspiration to live your life actively….think about Paul swimming for 24 hours alone in the sea or any of the people in your own circle that remind you that you are not going solo.


Swim (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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The Great Food Break Up Challenge

The Challenge: To BREAK UP with a FOOD.

You know the food…the one that calls your name, haunts you, makes you eat too much of it no matter how much self-control you have, makes you weak in the knees and vulnerable?  Like a bad relationship……leaves you feeling worse after being together.

English: A young girl enjoys pico de gallo and...

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Here is the challenge…Break up with that food.  The one that you feel is contributing to those first or last few pounds that you have been trying to lose. The one that you know is not doing you any good nutritionally or emotionally. ( Just like a bad relationship….time to let it go 🙂

Breaking up with a food just means to take it out of your life for awhile. It doesn’t have to be forever.  I like the idea of breaking up with a food rather then thinking I can “never” eat that food again.  Again, like a bad relationship, you may not be able to be friendly right now, but maybe in the future.

It’s a more comfortable mindset…”if you love something then set it free.” It gives you time to try life without it. You may be surprised that you CAN live without it and don’t really miss it. And when you are ready to re-introduce that food back into your life, your relationship with it may be completely different. Are you ready for the challenge?

Tips for a Healthy Breakup:

* Start Small. Begin with a 4 week breakup.

* Be Specific. Do not try to eliminate an entire food group, i.e. sugar. Instead pick one item, i.e. cookies after dinner, and stick with that.

* Choose the right food. Be honest with yourself about which food is really getting in your way. Not the occasional piece of cake but something you eat/drink almost daily that has become a bad habit.

* Have a Healthy Alternative. It would be nice if those craving magically went away but most likely they will not. Have a healthy alternative on hand to ease the transition. (i.e. air-popped popcorn vs. chips)

* Get Back on the Wagon. Right away, if you have a “chance meeting” with your food. No guilt or self -doubt.

Here’s my story:  I broke up with tortilla chips 1 month ago. Our relationship was ongoing, most evenings right before dinner as I cooked and munched. It began innocently with 1 handful (portion controlling 🙂 and then grew to 3+ handfuls….quickly adding up those pre-dinner calories to more than 500 before we even sat down to eat. To tell you the truth, I haven’t missed them and when I have been around them I just tell myself  “sorry, we broke up.”

Now I nosh on cut veggies/air popped popcorn as I cook and save myself the extra calories/fat, especially at the end of the day as our metabolisms come to a screeching halt for the night.
These types of calories add up so quickly….did you know that it takes just an extra 100 calories/day for an entire year to equal 10 pounds? Could it be “that food” that is holding you back……

Are you game? What are going to break up with? Would love to hear & support you with your breakups. Good luck!

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