Going Solo

Last week I watched as my friend, Paul Lundgren, attempted to solo swim across the Sea of Cortez. For those of you that are geographically-challenged as I was, the Sea of Cortez lies between Baja California and Mexico. Paul’s plan was to swim the 78 miles from Baja ending up in Mexico. The Sea of Cortez is known for it’s beauty and average temps. It is also an underwater paradise for jellyfish, sharks, squid & whales. Along with ever changing currents & conditions, this sea has not been successfully crossed by the swimmers that have tried before him. Paul’s journey was cut off by his crew after 24 hours & 30 miles of solo ocean swimming due to strong winds, jellyfish, cold & challenging currents. Paul is a hero for taking this on and has experienced things most of us can never imagine.  Thank you Paul for the adventure!

” This is not a solo swim,” was something Paul said in referring to the support of his crew, family, friends and the 92K followers to his site.  Even though Paul was in the sea “solo” …he was not alone. This made me think, is anything we do ever really solo? Especially in regards to health and activity, we are not alone. You may go for a run, swim, bike ride or hit the gym by your self but wherever we go, there is a group supporting us, cheering us on or being inspired by what we do. We are never really solo. We are not meant to be alone. The community and camaraderie of the fitness world is what motivates us to get out there and challenge ourselves everyday. These challenges make us stronger and widen our circle of friends and supporters. Every time I hit the trails, I can think of at least one person that has been a part of my journey as an athlete and that has given me inspiration over the years. Alone on the trail, yes…but solo, no. To my community,  circle of friends and all of you… I say thank you.

Next time you are lacking motivation or inspiration to live your life actively….think about Paul swimming for 24 hours alone in the sea or any of the people in your own circle that remind you that you are not going solo.


Swim (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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6 responses to “Going Solo

  1. One of the unknown rewards of this journey was both the conscious and unconscious connections I made with people along the way. I’m the guy who works and trains alone. I find myself seeking solitude in almost everything I do. Then I do this swim and I start making connections with people all over the world. In the end it was not the solitude where I found my strength it was in the communities that in one way or another resonated with what I was doing. I don’t want to sound out there, but I experienced a deep spiritual awakening swimming the Sea and it come from making connections with both nature and people. That was the most powerful experience of the whole swim.

    I appreciate you sharing this, it means a great deal.

  2. It’s the spider web of life. We turn to the left and meet someone, and BOOM, we’re off in a different direction. I like the idea of thinking of those who have helped us be right where we are, especially in those moments of weakness.

    • You are right Sue. Especially in those moments of weakness and needing some motivation, we can draw strength from the power of our communities. I’ve got your back sista, here when you need me.

  3. As I ran up the trail this morning, I was beginning to lose speed & wanted to walk as I neared the top of the hill. I thought about Lolo Jones, our US track hurdler, whom we had just watched capture the 3rd place spot for a chance in London. I am so inspired by Lolo’s story, drive, determination and comeback to racing after surgery. I used that motivation to push me up the hill and I thought, “not solo, with Lolo.”
    Thank you Lolo for the push!! We will have your back in London!

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