Ode to my Saggy Butt

Through the eyes of the children

Out of the mouths of babes.

I was lucky enough to spend some quality time with my kids this 4th of July holiday. All was going really great until my youngest daughter blurted out that one of her older siblings had said “mom’s butt is saggy.” Ha, I laughed it off, took it stride and chalked it up to being over 40. But then I got defensive.

Okay kids, listen up….my butt may be a bit saggy, maybe a 5 on a “sag factor” scale. I’m thinking not bad for a woman my age, right?! But this butt has provided me great cushion for the endless hours of nursing and rocking you all to sleep, been a platform for the taxi driving I do for each of you & has endured many “pains in the ass.”  Not to mention it has powered me up countless hills on my feet and my bike, helped me kick my way to the other side of the pool and always has my back when I need  more strength and speed. Just because your butts are still perfectly placed where nature intended them to be, one of these days  you too will be lucky enough to have a higher number on the sag scale. And then, you will realize that sag happens while you are living your life.

So here is to my saggy butt. Thank you for all of the support over the years. And to all of you, celebrate your body this independence day for all of it’s imperfections and beauty.

And to my kids….thank you for keeping it real.  Love you!






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5 responses to “Ode to my Saggy Butt

  1. someone who knows you well

    Say WHAT!??!?!?!!! Not only is your butt NOT saggy…it’s photographed for being AMAZING (see the Lucy ads if you haven’t already seen Kim’s amazing kick a** body). So…here’s to your incredibly fit (beautiful AND strong enough that you place in the top of your age group at MANY athletic events) body. You go, girl. Your kids are very fortunate to have your genes. 🙂

  2. Dear someone who knows me well…..thank you. Especially since you have one of the cutest backsides around with some very fortunate kids too:)
    May we continue to power up the hills & celebrate our health!

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  4. Jen

    I’m here to tell you right now- you do not have a saggy butt! There are women 20+ years younger who do not have the toned, sculpted, gorgeous, may I say, ass, that you have dear. Wear it proudly!!

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