“Please Don’t Call me Skat”

I hear it time and time again from woman that I work with, “please don’t call me skat.”       You are probably wondering what “skat” is referring too…other then the obvious definition meaning “too hurry” or animal poop.  Skat, a word coined by friends, means “skinny fat.” Or in more clinical terms, a low level of lean body mass (muscle) and a higher percentage of adipose (fat).

We all have seen or known skat people in our lives. These are the women we secretly envy when we see them all dressed up in their skinny jeans looking oh so fabulous. Wishing we could wear those skinny jeans, if only our athletic bodies with strong muscles and curves would fit into those things. Well, no such luck. Even though I cannot “rock the skinny jeans,” I can rely on my strong athletic body to carry me up hills, run miles, swim yards, lift weights, carry groceries, kids & everything else. I would not trade it.

Ladies, our muscles are beautiful and represent hard work and dedication to our health. You know there is someone out there that is envious of your well sculpted muscles so wear your running shorts with confidence, show off those strong bodies and be proud! Just please don’t call me skat.


Loly (myWife) in backlight @ Playa Honda, Lanz...


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