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Halloween “Left Over” Cookies


Halloween is behind us now. Our Halloween hangovers are gone ( you kow, too much candy plus too many adult beverages while trick or treating). We are looking forward to Thanksgiving in two weeks, as we will begin our Thanksgiving food hangover. What do we do with this leftover candy? With four trick or treating kids at home, we have A LOT of candy. Even my occasional sneak or secret tossing in the trash cannot get rid of most of the loot. So when life gives you candy…you make cookies!

Our Halloween left over cookie tradition started years back when my kids were not willing to throw out their leftovers ( who can blame them) but were tiring of it. We decided to chop up our favorites and put it into a cookie. I like to think of this as a healthier way to eat candy. ( oxymoron, I know…healthy + candy in a sentence together)  If you make an oatmeal cookie with nuts & raisins and a little of your candy, it becomes a high fiber, healthy treat! Even if you do not have trick or treaters at home, this is an excellant way to use up the candy you bought to hand out or have at a party.

It’s really very simple….Make any of your favorite cookie recipes ( I like to make a souped up version of the Nestle Toll House recipe) with whole wheat flour, oats, nuts, flax seed, etc and add 1 cup of your favorite candy chopped into small chunks. We have used Snickers, Milky Ways, M&Ms, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups (my favorite) and many more.  I sometimes make a mystery cookie with a mix of candy and the kids like to guess what is in it. Bake as directed. These cookies freeze well so that you can enjoy Halloween for a long time.

I hope you start your own healthy Halloween left over cookie tradition. Traditions in the kitchen last many lifetimes and make the best memories. Who knows, maybe next will be an Easter version with chopped up chocolate bunnies and jelly beans?!


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