The LOLA project…just 1 day left!

                                                 The LOLA Project
                                             Just 1 day to go…..we need your help!

Only 36 hours left!
Committed to fighting the obesity epidemic of girls, teens and women in the US.
If everyone out there puts $20 in the “hat,” we will collectively make a difference and directly improve the health and fitness of these girls’ lives. Image 
Our LOLA Project on ends tomorrow, Friday January 25th. 
This is the final time you will be hearing from me about this crowd funding project. This one time only campaign expires tomorrow. As you can imagine, it’s VERY important to us. 
We need less than $1,500 to reach the $10,000 mark by tomorrow, 1/25. Your contributions of just $20 or more will make a tremendous difference. 
Thank you to the individuals from across the country that have joined us in this campaign with contributions coming in $5-$1,000. Collectively, we are getting closer to our goal.
Click &’s that easy.
Small businesses are what has shaped the world’s business markets – some of the most revered and loved brands began as mom-and-pop shops, just like us here at LOLA. 
We have just 1 day to reach our goal.  Join us!
Kim Juarez & the LOLA family

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