Day 21….What I have (re) learned

Marathon Training Update: I am now 3 weeks into training for the Nike Marathon in October. I feel very lucky to be training with a great group of women from Team LOLA ( Many of them are excited to be gearing up for their first marathon and some are re-entering the world of marathons after a ten or 20 year break. We are all learning a a lot about ourselves during this process, myself included. As I headed out the door yesterday for my long run of the week…I said to my husband, “wish me luck” to which he quickly responded…”you don’t need luck.”  I thought, OMG…yes I do! What if I don’t make it? What if I get a cramp? What if I feel horrible or my stomach gets funky? All very normal concerns of a runner or anyone training for an event outside of their comfort zone. But he was right.    I didn’t need luck for something I have done thousands of times before, I needed to just get out there and run. Most likely none of those things I worried about would happen and in the event that they did, I would know what to do. He knows me too well.

Here are some things I have re-learned  thus far: 

1. Slow Down: Long runs are meant to be loonnggg.  You have to slow your pace down in order to cover 26.2 miles. I keep trying to run the same pace I would for a 10k or my typical hour long weekday runs. Not only is it ok to run slower, it’s crucial.

2. Be Patient: Along with slowing down, you cannot rush a long run. I get impatient wanting to “hurray and get it over with,” so I can check it off of my to-do list. This is one of the only times during a day where I can enjoy being in the moment that I have all to myself. Don’t rush!

3. Have enough Real Estate:  Be sure when you plan your run, that you have enough ground (or miles) to cover. Runners love numbers, gadgets, watches, etc. I have been known to get home with 16.2 miles covered and was supposed to run 17 miles. It’s no fun to run circles around your neighborhood until your GPS hits the magic 17 mile mark while your neighbors watch you thinking you’ve lost your mind.

4. Rest Days: My biggest offense. For some reason, I feel that rest days don’t apply to me and that just a little weight workout, hike or even a long shopping trip at the grocery store  on a scheduled rest day will be just fine. I know better.  Rest means rest. I’m trying and promise sit down and put my feet up!

That is it so far. I ‘m sure there will be more with 12 weeks to go. Looks like a simple life lesson….slow down, be patient, always have enough real estate and be sure to enjoy some good ol’ rest and relaxation.

Happy trails!


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July 28, 2013 · 9:42 pm

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