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The Bacon Genie

In celebration of International Bacon Day this Saturday August 31st, I wanted to re-post and pay homage to The Bacon Genie.  Bacon day celebrations typically include social gatherings during which participants create and consume dishes containing bacon, including bacon-themed breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts, and drinks. Bacon Day was conceived in Bedford, Massachusetts in 2000. 

Let me introduce The Bacon Genie.You were probably thinking by the title, that an “Aladdin– looking” man would show up in your kitchen to magically whip up some bacon.  Wrong. The Genie is a plastic bacon-hanging rack made to “quickly prepare bacon in the microwave while making great tasting bacon every         time.”  Isn’t all bacon great-tasting?

Why is a Nutritionist writing about Bacon? On a recent vacation to Grandma’s house, my kids went shopping to a small town thrift store and came back with The Bacon Genie. A “steal” for only $2 they told me.  They also promised  that getting them up for school will be so much easier because the Bacon Genie will have their bacon ready. Really?!  (Funny, because we normally cook bacon about 2 times a year at our house)  Well, I will tell you the Bacon Genie works like a charm and is easy to use and the kids have made bacon every morning for the past week.  With no more bacon in the house, the Genie will now take a rest, a LONG rest. I like to remind my kids that bacon is a treat and should not be eaten daily. I call it “fatty, salt sticks”…a buzz kill, I know. Even vegetarians love the smell of bacon cooking. I credit the smell of bacon with getting me through my first half marathon.  The race ran through a campground with smells of bacon and pancakes wafting me to the finish line.

Bacon without grease? Yes, the Bacon Genie promotes!  All the fatty grease and cholesterol “supposedly” drip into the reservoir below. The grease does drip ( & splatter) all over the place but saying all the fat and cholesterol drip out is like saying “watch the fat & cholesterol” drip out of a stick of butter. It can’t happen. Fat, salt & some protein are what bacon is made of and that is why it tastes so yummy. Bacon is 70% fat, mostly saturated, and 30% protein with approximately 120 calories/thin slice. But who can eat just one? My curiosity got the best of me, here are a few more bacon facts: (thanks to

1. Bacon comes from the belly of the pig  2. The US consumed 32 billion pieces of bacon last year  3. Bacon is one of the oldest processed meats in history dating back to 1500B.C.  4. Bacon bits are actually vegetarian  5. One 200 lb pig will produce 20 lbs of bacon  6. National Bacon Day is held the Saturday before Labor day ( you knew?)  You can even order a Bacon Sundae at some fast food places now,  yikes!

So, enjoy your occasional bacon…we only live once!  Cook bacon in a good old cast iron skillet, just like mom used, to get the best flavor and more iron added to your meat. You never know what the kids will find at Grandma’s house.



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Hail to the Coach’s Wife

Fall has arrived in our house. We are a football family. Our son plays, my husband coaches and I am a coach’s wife.

That last bit is important because every year for just about 6 months, myself and thousands of other women are picking up the slack left behind in the football season. Ladies, if your husband is a coach of any kind whether it be volunteer for young kids or all the way up to the college and professional level, you know the commitment our husbands make to these athletes. They are “all in,” recruiting, forming teams, attending coaches meetings, working on & off the field with the athletes, communicating with parents and schools, watching game film and always finding a way to develop their athletes and strengthen their team. Believe me, it does not go unrecognized…we are so proud of these coaches  changing the lives of these kids and often are the only strong, consistent and positive role model regularly found in these kids’ lives.  I have seen it, time and time again. So, thank you coaches for making this world a better place. You teach our children so many valuable life lessons that are tough to learn anywhere else.

But I want to take a moment to say “Hail to the Coach’s Wives!”

Not as a martyr or “look how hard we have it,” but an honest to goodness thank you. Most of us have other kids at home, work full time, act as CEO of the household, play taxi driver, chef, laundress and all the roles we juggle throughout our day. Our job as the coach’s wife, is almost as stressful, as being the coach. It can be a lonely job since coaching a football team can require long hours away from the family with a strong chance of attending a few family celebrations solo. This is the hardest adjustment for most women that are new to the coach’s wife job, including myself. I found myself missing my husband, even though he was coaching 10 minutes away from our home. But the minute I see him on the field with these boys, I forget the sacrifices we have as a coaching family and feel so proud of his dedication to the success of his team.

Each year is marked with an end of season party. Many are celebrating that it’s over and some are just plain celebrating! Team players are thanked, coaches are thanked and then it’s light’s out, party is over. And every year I leave wondering…why didn’t anyone thank the coach’s wives for their supporting role? I have fought the urge to stand up for the other coach’s wives in the room and say thank you to my fellow co-workers. And I know they are standing there wondering the same thing.

So to all of my fellow coach’s wives out there…I am standing up to THANK YOU for everything.  You are the MVP! May you have a great season this year and learn to let go of a few extra dishes in the sink or the laundry that doesn’t get folded. We are part of a coaching family and will continue to celebrate the victories and suffer through the losses together. Go Team!


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