The Bacon Genie

In celebration of International Bacon Day this Saturday August 31st, I wanted to re-post and pay homage to The Bacon Genie.  Bacon day celebrations typically include social gatherings during which participants create and consume dishes containing bacon, including bacon-themed breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts, and drinks. Bacon Day was conceived in Bedford, Massachusetts in 2000. 

Let me introduce The Bacon Genie.You were probably thinking by the title, that an “Aladdin– looking” man would show up in your kitchen to magically whip up some bacon.  Wrong. The Genie is a plastic bacon-hanging rack made to “quickly prepare bacon in the microwave while making great tasting bacon every         time.”  Isn’t all bacon great-tasting?

Why is a Nutritionist writing about Bacon? On a recent vacation to Grandma’s house, my kids went shopping to a small town thrift store and came back with The Bacon Genie. A “steal” for only $2 they told me.  They also promised  that getting them up for school will be so much easier because the Bacon Genie will have their bacon ready. Really?!  (Funny, because we normally cook bacon about 2 times a year at our house)  Well, I will tell you the Bacon Genie works like a charm and is easy to use and the kids have made bacon every morning for the past week.  With no more bacon in the house, the Genie will now take a rest, a LONG rest. I like to remind my kids that bacon is a treat and should not be eaten daily. I call it “fatty, salt sticks”…a buzz kill, I know. Even vegetarians love the smell of bacon cooking. I credit the smell of bacon with getting me through my first half marathon.  The race ran through a campground with smells of bacon and pancakes wafting me to the finish line.

Bacon without grease? Yes, the Bacon Genie promotes!  All the fatty grease and cholesterol “supposedly” drip into the reservoir below. The grease does drip ( & splatter) all over the place but saying all the fat and cholesterol drip out is like saying “watch the fat & cholesterol” drip out of a stick of butter. It can’t happen. Fat, salt & some protein are what bacon is made of and that is why it tastes so yummy. Bacon is 70% fat, mostly saturated, and 30% protein with approximately 120 calories/thin slice. But who can eat just one? My curiosity got the best of me, here are a few more bacon facts: (thanks to

1. Bacon comes from the belly of the pig  2. The US consumed 32 billion pieces of bacon last year  3. Bacon is one of the oldest processed meats in history dating back to 1500B.C.  4. Bacon bits are actually vegetarian  5. One 200 lb pig will produce 20 lbs of bacon  6. National Bacon Day is held the Saturday before Labor day ( you knew?)  You can even order a Bacon Sundae at some fast food places now,  yikes!

So, enjoy your occasional bacon…we only live once!  Cook bacon in a good old cast iron skillet, just like mom used, to get the best flavor and more iron added to your meat. You never know what the kids will find at Grandma’s house.



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2 responses to “The Bacon Genie

  1. teresa j. nemetz

    I like the way this product looks. Why was it discontinued? teresa

    • Hi Teresa…I have no idea. We found it at a thrift store on a family vacation. A novel tool but useful all the same. Maybe it became less popular when we began talking about the not so safe practice of microwaving plastic. Maybe you can find one on EBay?

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