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Happy LOLA New Year!

    The LOLA New Year Poem 2014 

Eat more whole grains and get off your fanny

So this year you won’t feel like such an old granny.

Out with the old habits and in with the new

LOLA coaches will motivate you to run a mile or two.

Come join us in this new year and in 2014 have a happy new rear!  


                             Best wishes for a happy, healthy & prosperous new year 


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The LOLA New Year Poem

Happy New Year 2013

  A little fun for your new year’s day.





Say goodbye to Jimmy Dean; it’s time to try something green
And maybe even some garbanzo beans, full of fiber and lean protein.
Does your workout need a new routine?
Get off the machines, get outside and join a team.
LOLA coaches are never mean;
they will help you kick ass in 2013!

Happy New Rear! 
From the LOLA family






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