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Bites, Sips and Tastes

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Who can eat just one, handful?

It’s that time of year. Kid’s activities in full swing between birthday parties, sports banquets and playdates, you try to grab a bite of something reasonably healthy to get you through. Yet, even with the best intentions, we come up short and soon…very soon, the kid foods at these events become your staple. By the end of day, week, month or year, you end up feeling like an overstuffed goldfish cracker.


We have all been there….at yet another kid event telling ourselves “I am  not going to eat the pizza or birthday cake this time.  Well, okay maybe just one bite because my daughter isn’t going to finish her slice of pizza and I am alittle hungry. It is lunch time afterall and one bite will hold me over until I get out of this party and home for some healthy adult food.”  We know what happens next. A very slippery slope that has us topping off 2 slices of pizza with the “oh no, I couldn’t birthday cake.” Leaving the party we vow to never do that again.  We tell ourselves “at least I didn’t have the ice cream with my cake,” which makes us feel better and we promise to plan better next time. And then it happens again and again.  Not because we love kid’s party food ( although I do love Safeway birthday cake frosting or any frosting for that matter:)  but because we, as women & moms, put ourselves on the back burner when it comes to planning and taking care of our own needs. In my case, it happened for about 10 years, guess I’m a slow -learner.



I witness countless women making a day of waffle bites from their kid’s breakfast, lattes, finishing off  kids ice cream after school , a glass of wine or two, followed by a few french fries and crusts of grilled cheese sandwiches the kids left on their plate. I even had a friend tell me her dinner consisted of goldfish crackers from her son’s high chair and wine every night because her husband worked late, so why cook? Any of this sound familiar?
And yet, women with young children are some of the biggest calorie burners out there ( read, constant motion) and still struggle to lose or maintain their weight. Those bites, sips and tastes add up quickly over time and sadly, we hardly realize we ate them. They are not satisfying, do not fill us up and leave us nutritionally out of balance. This scenario on a regular basis will leave you even more fatigued and looking around for the quickest pick me up..more sugar please?
Ladies, take advantage of this time in your life with your revved up metabolisms. Don’t waste all of that bonus calorie “burn” on things like goldfish crackers and pizza you have tasted 1000 times before…save the bites, sips & tastes for the special occasion great homemade food that is worth every bite.
Eating well takes planning.  Plan ahead before heading out to these events….eat BEFORE you go (even it means you will arrive 15 mins late), bring an apple for the car or stick with the fresh veggie platter or cheese stick at the party. NEVER show up hungry…you know what will happen.
Put yourself first. Take care of your health and your family will forever benefit.Apple with white background

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The Great Food Break Up Challenge

The Challenge: To BREAK UP with a FOOD.

You know the food…the one that calls your name, haunts you, makes you eat too much of it no matter how much self-control you have, makes you weak in the knees and vulnerable?  Like a bad relationship……leaves you feeling worse after being together.

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Here is the challenge…Break up with that food.  The one that you feel is contributing to those first or last few pounds that you have been trying to lose. The one that you know is not doing you any good nutritionally or emotionally. ( Just like a bad relationship….time to let it go 🙂

Breaking up with a food just means to take it out of your life for awhile. It doesn’t have to be forever.  I like the idea of breaking up with a food rather then thinking I can “never” eat that food again.  Again, like a bad relationship, you may not be able to be friendly right now, but maybe in the future.

It’s a more comfortable mindset…”if you love something then set it free.” It gives you time to try life without it. You may be surprised that you CAN live without it and don’t really miss it. And when you are ready to re-introduce that food back into your life, your relationship with it may be completely different. Are you ready for the challenge?

Tips for a Healthy Breakup:

* Start Small. Begin with a 4 week breakup.

* Be Specific. Do not try to eliminate an entire food group, i.e. sugar. Instead pick one item, i.e. cookies after dinner, and stick with that.

* Choose the right food. Be honest with yourself about which food is really getting in your way. Not the occasional piece of cake but something you eat/drink almost daily that has become a bad habit.

* Have a Healthy Alternative. It would be nice if those craving magically went away but most likely they will not. Have a healthy alternative on hand to ease the transition. (i.e. air-popped popcorn vs. chips)

* Get Back on the Wagon. Right away, if you have a “chance meeting” with your food. No guilt or self -doubt.

Here’s my story:  I broke up with tortilla chips 1 month ago. Our relationship was ongoing, most evenings right before dinner as I cooked and munched. It began innocently with 1 handful (portion controlling 🙂 and then grew to 3+ handfuls….quickly adding up those pre-dinner calories to more than 500 before we even sat down to eat. To tell you the truth, I haven’t missed them and when I have been around them I just tell myself  “sorry, we broke up.”

Now I nosh on cut veggies/air popped popcorn as I cook and save myself the extra calories/fat, especially at the end of the day as our metabolisms come to a screeching halt for the night.
These types of calories add up so quickly….did you know that it takes just an extra 100 calories/day for an entire year to equal 10 pounds? Could it be “that food” that is holding you back……

Are you game? What are going to break up with? Would love to hear & support you with your breakups. Good luck!

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